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Originally posted by Jens Droessler

The fact that I’m disappointed does not mean I won’t be happy if some or all of the features I want will be implemented. But how will the devs know what “we” want, if we don’t spell out what we don’t like? Of course I hope the system I put my faith and my money into will be improved even more over time. And the fact that we paid a buttload of money for the MixApp (that’s buttload in comparison of the free apps from all the competitors) should be a reason for the devs to go at least as far as the other apps go in terms of features. If Behringer can do effects for free on an app for a mixer costing a third of an iLive T system, we should have that too for our >80 bucks, right? That’s all I’m saying…

Someone further up said that ‘price = quality’. That’s certainly the case for A&H, and certainly the case for Behringer. Remember that the A&H software (both editors and smartphone Apps) kills some of their own sales (surfaces and PL-ANET units).

Having used Behringer digital mixers in the past, for 3rd parties I hasten to add, and seen them fail (something that’s never happened in my experience with A&H equipment), I feel that +/- €80 for the full MixPad and €7 for the monitoring version is a very good deal. Plus, because you pay for it, you value it and have every right to have your say in its maintenance and further development.

A&H are very reactive; make your feelings known (for example about the lack of editing for FX, which I agree with) and you can be sure that they’ll listen to their customers … Behringer? Hmm – not so sure and I certainly don’t consider them to be a ‘professional’ level sound equipment manufacturer.

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