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Shuahughes –

Perhaps you could fill us in with YOUR experience with the Roland m200-i app… I couldn’t find a download for this app, would you be so kind to provide a link… Maybe you could direct us to a FULL listing of the capabilities of the app, I’ve searched & just got some sketchy info, no details, just a few general parameters… (I was told by Sweetwater here in the US that the consoles haven’t been shipped yet…)

A very reasonable request.
The roland app is new, so details may be hard to find.
Note that I haven’t personally used it.

Mike Sessler at https://churchtecharts.org/ did a fair review of the Roland M200i, Behringer X32 and PreSonus 24.4.2
It is in 4 parts:

Part 3 is the iPad app reviews.

Note that his review is targeted at churches getting into the smaller format digital mixer world. He didn’t include the iLive. Possibly because he hasn’t fully realised the power of running iLive without a surface.

For the price point, all of these mixers compete directly again an iDR16 or iDR32 with no surface.
Also, the Roland and PreSonus could be setup beside the stage much like the MixRack, and then run by the iPad from FOH, and the footprint isn’t huge, so really the “not needing the surface” argument doesn’t really apply as the price is similar.

the Roland M200i app offers HeadAmp control including gain, 48V etc.
It includes scene management, input / output patching control.
Control of FX parameters etc.

Now obviously, if you need more channels then the 24 to 32 channels these desks offer, then you are into much bigger dollars, looking to add stage racks and bigger surfaces.
So for a big rig, the cost of the MixPad app is totally justified.
I agree that iLive is choosing not to put the app cost into the MixRack prices.

But these competing small format desks have free apps and still come in below the iLive iDR pricing. Obviously this could easily lead into a “you pay for what you get” debate, and how the quality of the iLive is better than those compared here.
I totally agree, the iLive is awesome, it offers amazing quality for the price point to a small church who are happy to run without a surface.

But to this small church market, when comparing against the competition in this market, the iLive app looks way over priced. Especially seeing as the app may need to be loaded for several different volunteers iPads.

If you are a full time sound guy, large rental company, or big church with a paid permanent FOH engineer, the MixPad app price is easily justified and makes sense.
Maybe this is the only market A&H really care about….if so fair enough.
I’m just voicing the impression of the little guy, who loves the product and is actively promoting small churches in my community to install iLive as an amazingly flexible solution that offers incredible quality and great ease of use for volunteers!