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Here is what I found out about the MMO card and the GLD:

The GLD will not “see” the MMO card, like it does the AR2412 and 84, it just becomes part of the mixer. Also the documentation for the MMO applies to iLive only.

Channels to program for MMO card are:

1-24 = ADAT 1-24 (should already be programmed)
These you have to manually program:
25-32 = iDR/Hearbus A1-8
33-40 = iDR/Hearbus B1-8
So you can have 2 different sets of Hearback channels, provided you have 2 hubs. Also you will have to run separate Cat5 cables for each, so if you are running 2 Hearback setups, you will have 2 Cat5’s for the HB and one for the GLD.