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Originally posted by GSLC-Tech

>You can’t route through a DCA, it is not a bus.
Sorry really green here – subgroups are buses?

>You assign Channels to the DCA, select the DCA, click processing, and >then routing, add the channels you want. You can also do it starting >with the channel.
We did the assignment by selecting mix on the DCA, pressed and held the assign button and then the mix on the channel desired. I don’t have the board infront of me – are you suggesting something different?

>Note that a channel can be assigned to more than one DCA.
So you cannot assign more than channel to a subgroup?

Appreciate the help.

Rick Kohrs
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – West Campus
Verona, WI

groups, auxes, matrix, and L/R are all different forms of buses, each a little different. DCA acts more like an extra, remotely controlled fader on whatever channels it’s assigned to.

To expand a bit on Carl’s directions:
-push the “select” button on the DCA to bring it up on-screen (you need to be in “processing” mode, that button is to the right of the screen).
-Go to the “routing” tab on the screen.
-Assign inputs and whatever else you’d like to the DCA from screen.

It’s possible to do it with the mix buttons as you’ve attempted but the screen is waaay more intuitive (plus you can see all the inputs at once that way).

You can assign as many inputs to a group (or aux) as you’d like.