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We had been running up to eight iPads at a time for personal monitoring for a year and a half with few problems, but after upgrading to the latest firmware and the latest version of Mixpad and Onemix, we’re dead in the water.

For two days we’ve had our IT contractor working to find a solution. We’ve used our original router setup, moved to an enterprise level router, been on the phone with A&H support, and nothing so far has worked. The iPads simply will not stay connected. Weird stuff happening and we can’t seem to figure it out; one iPad will stay on for a while, then not connect at all, others might connect for a few minutes and then drop signal. One of the strangest things we’re encountering is simultaneous disconnects. We’ve watched all iPads in a line loose connection at the same moment, other times it’s completely random. The one constant is that they will not maintain connection and are currently only good for Angry Birds.

Any breakthrough in stability would be great. Suggestions?