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In the Future these ports will be used to connect directly to a ADHBI (Allen&heath Direct Human Brain Interface) so that you can hear the audio directly without headphones and even be able to control the touch screen computer just by wanting things to sound better. WOW!

Seriously? Just ignore those ports – pretty sure they are just the onboard audio built into the Touchscreen PC motherboard and my guess is that they will not be used ever! Why would you want to anyway as they will just be low quality PC unbalanced stereo audio line in/out and a crappy mic input! It’s most likely the only reason they are even there is so that the other motherboard USB and monitor ports can be accessed and it would be far cheaper/easier for A&H to just have 3 holes in the chassis than to have to remove the onboard audio sockets!
Perhaps they should have been labeled “Possible Future Use – but not Likely!!!” or just a simple “Not Used” would do. SO – if you EVER get asked “how does the touchscreen PC audio work on this console”? -The answer is of course – Very Very Quietly!!! Haha!!


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