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Lets hope and pray eh?

I mostly do sound for little praise and worship youth groups, and had the Presonus 24.4.2 as my previous desk, and its absolute incredible advantage to me was the unbelievably great iPad/ iPhone app.

When I started using the presonus app, I started encouraging users to download the phone apps before they got to their services practice times, and I had them each controlling their own mixes, and was able to prevent each other from messing up other muso’s mixes by mistake.

This got me to be quite popular amongst the little groups, even the secular bands I mixed for too.

For me sound is a part of the ministry that I personally have, and whilst I do run some work freelance as well, for me I’d much rather be with the kids teaching them, and introducing them to new technology, they are the ones who in 5-10 years time who’ll likely be running the show in our churches so its important to teach them well.

I have doe some conferences where there have been oddly shaped rooms etc, and have been tripped on occasion by a lack of adequate outputs for external handheld recorders etc. – so the GLD professionally was my best option to go for.

It just needs to catch up now to the presonus in the app side of things.
Cheers JW

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