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Hey Chris,

I know exactly what you are saying and that’s the most valid point to make.
What I am NOT saying is that we should take everyone else’s presets and run them, live at a show – you are correct, everyone’s circumstances are different.

Just that we get the chance to observe each others styles of EQ and dynamics usage.
Like say for example if someone has mic’s a Mapex Saturn with clip on Sennheiser E604, things like that might work live perhaps (depending on tuning, damping and the drum skin), but at the end of the day I encourage all this in the spirit of helping each other learn more, and I suppose in a way to help grow our wee community of ours

We found that the spirit of learning and and fellowship was somewhat encouraged considerably amongst users, and it opened up many new questions that users maybe had not thought of before.

For users of for example Dante, Waves or other multi-track able cards for their GLD we could perhaps even open it up, so that if we have recorded a show (pre-processed of course) and are having a few little niggles or issues with something, that we can upload the audio files as well as our show template, in a similar manner to http://www.mixoff.org and use examples of how our individual presets and use of dynamics controls have helped.

It’s just an idea. I love this forum and have been reading for about the last 6 months or so. It is considerably different from the presonus forum but I do love it – it’s you guys that make it awesome!

Cheers guys

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