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Originally posted by hanysz

-Connect USB midi cable into PC and MIX
-Start rtpmidi and set up live routings to usb midi cable
-Click to enable
-Open MIDI designer and connect to PC (if you cant see your PC, check firewall od port)
-In MIDI designer open “Design” and create a fader. Double click on it and switch to MIDI card
-Click to Learn and move some fader on MIX. If connection is OK, MIDI channel of this fader will setup automaticaly. If not, check conncetion or cable or Port in rtpmidi

Thanks for the assistance! I was able to connect to the console and have it teach the commands to MIDI Designer. Once done, I’m able to move the fader on the mixer and MIDI Designer reflects the change; however when I move the fader in MIDI Designer, no change happens on the mixer. I do have both in and out MIDI cables hooked up.

Anything silly I might be missing? (FYI, using a Mac and running the Audio MIDI Setup).