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Jens –

I agree about the inability to get to the fx parameters, though I can live without that feature. The tap button does gets my use, but things such as scene save/recall are non-issues for me.

I think the main features that makes me a “fanboy” of this app are the ability to set up the 2 16 channel “custom strip layers” (the main feature, IMO) and the split screen. I find the ability to use the “sends on fader” from both the input and output perspective useful, as well as the channel delays. I don’t know which other apps have these features.

It boils down to which features are the “must have” for you. For me, it’s the custom strips. I’ll admit I have faith the parameter control for fx is in the pipeline, as well as scene manipulation.

Something I’d hope to see is the ability to turn features on/off, to increase performance for the ones the user considers essential…


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