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Unfortuneatly, I cannot upload an image of it, but on the back of my T112 console it reads “Touchscreen PC Audio”. Line in, Mic in, & Mic Out are the three ports. They are located above the left USB port, (I was incorrect initially on the locale)

I have not removed the black cover caps, but I was hoping someone from A&H would maybe chime in and comment as to the what the intent or purpose is for these ports.
I have had this console for two and a half years. Will it serve a purpose in 5 years?

(A) When will “For future use” actually turn into current use?

(B) If it is not going to be used for anything in the future, I would certainly like to find out what the manufacturer was thinking.

What would you tell a client if asked…”how does the touchscreen PC audio work on this console”?

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