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In the “Getting Started” guide, the VGA port for the T112 is in the lower left hand corner and the three ports above it are baby blue, soft pink and pale green – the same colors and (presumably) sizes used for the built-in audio on a motherboard.

As a point of interest (at least to me) the guide’s illustration for the newer R72 has the three pastel plugs far-left also but they are higher up and instead of being above the VGA port, they are above the far-left USB ports. Meanwhile the VGA port has migrated inboard of the USB ports. And now the back-panel image for the T112 (on this website) shows a similar tri-pastel, USB and VGA arrangement as that of the R72.

Note that in all the illustrations I’ve seen, the three mini-trs ports have been the same pastel colors and with no covers. The venue I’m involved with just received its T112 and we haven’t taken it out of the carton yet, but I’ll be sure to look.

From what I read here: https://iliveforum.allen-heath.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=857 I’m guessing those three ports are probably not for a touch-screen.



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