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I failed via usb key as well as ilive editor.

T-112 and idr-48

I solved it this way anyhow:
you need the usb stick AND the editor

1. unzip the firmware zip
2. copy the unzipped folder to your usb drive in the root dir.
3. copy the folder in the unzipped folder also to the root dir.
4. boot everything and connect the usb to the T-112
5. go to update firmware – it detects the firmware and everything is checked green
6. do the update
7. it will break down now but first it did update the touchscreen.
8. shutdown everything
9. boot the idr-48 only
10. log on with the editor
11. update the idr-48 as described in the allen&heath update manual
12. idr48 was successfully updated
13. keep the idr running and switch on the t-112
14. now repeat the first steps with only the surface left to be updated. this will work too.
15. now you’re done
16. load your show and enjoy V.1.9