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It was me to was planning to transmit for the airshow.
The problem is that it works fine with the laptop running DVS so I ordered a whole pile of Dante cards for all my iLives on the back of that testing.

The problem is that the Brooklyn modules have less RAM than the laptop and also the DVS has a high latency setting which the Brooklyn modules don’t have.

This means, what works with DVS, does not necessarily work with the Brooklyn modules.

I’m using Ubiquiti carrier grade point to point links (these things look like satellite dish’s and are good for 20km+). This is not consumer grade WiFi we are talking about here. These things have an internal link capacity of 350Mbps and are rock solid. I can transmit 7 channels of high def video over these things without missing a beat.
It seems frustrating that I can do that, but I can’t pipe my audio over them.

The Brooklyn modules refuse to work over these links, but DVS works fine. The latency is just slightly above what the Brooklyn modules can deal with.

Seeing as I only need a handful of channels, what would be great is to be able to reduce the channel count on the Brooklyn modules and increase the latency buffer using the extra RAM freed up by the reduced channel count so that they work in a slightly higher latency environment.

At the moment the max latency for a brooklyn module seems to be about 5ms. My link sits about 5ms to 6ms when I tune it to the max.

It is fairly frustrating, its right within grasp but just beyond reach and what is the most annoying is all the money spent on 3 DANTE cards based on the testing of the DVS software. I (falsely) assumed that DVS and the Brooklyn modules would be the same.