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Price is always equated to Value!

With the Roland App or almost all of the other apps, they can’t actually replace a mixer. ie, you still need to bring the mixer along to the gig.

However, with the iLive app, it can replace a mixer, which makes it quite a bit more valuable.

It is conceivable, that a user could avoid buying a surface if they have an application that allows them to use the iPad app and the laptop software. I have done exactly that for a recent install.

This means the value of the iPad software for the iLive is the equivalent of the avoided cost of having to buy a surface.
This is many thousands of dollars.

In this context, the app at a price of around $100 (i forget what it actually is), is comparatively cheap.

With all the other apps (including roland etc), the cost of the App is paid for by the fact that you have to buy the surface. With the iLive, because you don’t necessarily have to buy a surface and the racks are priced so cheap (relative to their horsepower), A&H would have to recoup the cost of developing the app from the app sales itself.

It is therefore in my opinion a bargain and people who complain about the price, should really think a bit more about value before they do so.