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Here’s the thing..

Dante has actually almost nothing to do with audio. It’s a data neutral protocol, there are plenty of people using Dante for digital video distribution as well. It’s more useful to think of the Dante protocol as Bit Torrent or FTP, you can shlep anything you want over it.

That being said, there are tons of wireless systems you can use for Dante. Ubiquity Networks makes an “AirFiber” 1.24 gbps link and there’s another forum member who used it a few months ago to transmit audio across a runway during an airshow and it worked beautifully.

I agree with more ram you’d be able to do longer buffering, but this becomes the ‘airplay paradox’ which means there’d be a substantial delay, a delay high enough that standard network dropouts due to wifi would have no impact on audio. That’s a lot of delay, if you don’t believe me set your laptop next to your microwave while it’s on and try streaming something :)

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