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Rexeltw Just remember kids no matter how good your mixing is you can’t polish a turd…

Of course you can and that is quite often what the job actually is.
You can polish a turd you can even make it shine.
It is much harder, however, to make it smell good!

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from Stealth in the ethernet control thread: Hi Peter

I’m afraid you cannot currently conrol Aux Send levels via TCP/IP control, only the master aux levels. This is on the feature request list for future firmware.

Sam A&H

I’m guessing this means that the protocol for the communication with various parts of the software (meter levels – level changes in plug ins etc) hasn’t been finished. Because of that a PC/Ipad control program/ offline editor won’t be until after a major firmware upgrade. The last firmware upgrade was June! So after the new firmware (someday)then they’ll write the control app then Apple will approve it (which I’m told is a whole other dog and pony show). In short, if you are holding your breath you’ll be very blue before this thing gets fleshed out. (info com, next summer, who knows?)

As evidence for my pessimism, we now, 11.5 months after release, have a sort of manualish pdf thing, that isn’t yet even called a manual!