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Ok, I bought it for the full price. I wasn’t waiting for a cheaper price, but if anyone had known something to take off some bucks, it would have been nice.

Anyway, I’m a bit disappointed. There is NO WAY using just the iPad, and that sucks. After reading so much good I maybe was expecting too much. I never thought that it was impossible to access the effects settings (which is critical with dynEQ and multiband compression at least), storing and recalling scenes (which are now saved including name inside the iDR) or changing the physical input on a channel or the output patching. I understand that those features could be messy if a surface is attached to the system and somebody is working there. Changing a scene for example would be desastrous. But why not make such functionality dependend on an online surface? If there is a surface, no such features.If not, full fledged control on iPad.
Also, a “double tap to reset GEQ band” would be nice. Or maybe tripple tap, just to be sure it’s not by accident.
Yes, I agree there is more functionality than with other apps, but not THAT much more. All in all, I’m disappointed for what it can do for that price. I never thought those things mentioned could be missing…