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I could use a selection on the scene page to remove the contents of a scene (remove the green tick mark) without removing the scene name and description.

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Kris you can remove contents from a scene….select Scene , Edit and then Remove



I am aware of being able to edit a scene and remove/exclude selected items from the scene after/before you save it. Like setting it up to only include mutes and levels and nothing else. What I would like to do is remove all existing information stored in the scene(s), quickly, and then be able to save new (store all) information as the band, soloist, worship team, etc. run thru them during practice just prior to the service. This way I am sure that the scenes contain only information that was saved for that service that is just about to start. Nothing from prior services with incorrect settings for monitors, or open mics that are not used, etc.

As it is now, we start the system, open scene page, clear all scenes for am service, then have to start rebuilding the service by entering the name and description for the scene, then once practice starts, we can then resave the new scene content. We do this for not one, but three different services. Granted, it doesn’t take long to do in the scheme of things, but there are days when time is precious and of the escense, and everyone needs something done at the last minute and this would give some time back to us.

Indiana, USA