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Originally posted by Mr B

Hi Jeff (A&H) the point about STP is interesting, would that also affect the original Ethersound + control data type of setup.
The reason I ask is I use a Gigabit switch at either end of a lump of fibre to form the link between surface and rack, now I am sure it has Spanning Tree “on” which I believe allows me to have a CAT5 link in place simultaneously just in case some accident befalls the fibre.
I have run this system for quite some time without any issues (I think), I do limit the bandwidth available to each link to 100mb I seem to be able to disconnect either the CAT5 or the fibre (one at a time of course) without any perceptible loss of audio or control.
I admit I am not a networking genius so I sure could be making a mistake or I could just be confused.

Ian B.

Some switches have something Cisco calls an EtherChannel. What this does is to aggregate multiple links of the same speed running between the same switches as a singular link, with data running down both simultaneously. Then if one link suddenly drops out, the switches will immediately reallocate traffic between the remaining link(s). It sounds like this is what is happening because you say you can disconnect one or the other and have the audio continue uninterrupted.