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They are picky about USB drives. They don’t tolerate any bloatware on the stick.

You can make the usb part of the board unresponsive until you reboot by doing something the board doesn’t like with the drive. I’m sure it’s fixed with the M-480s / I don’t think the M-400 is current. We have got two in rental so I use one from time to time. Not a perfect product but it’s got some good attributes and it’s an easy, light and rugged 40 channels. We use it a lot for things that need lots of iso press feeds. I like their PC gui. In a pinch, you can use it for simultaneous on stage monitor mixing with only one desk.

I think Roland’s PC app is much better than Yamaha’s Studio Manager. Although, the good thing about Studio Manager is, as far as the gui goes, a PM5d works exactly like an 01v96i. With an Avid Profile the gui and the desk are not separable. Whatever. All this stuff does some things really well and some things not as well….

pretty soon it’s Monday again.