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Ok, so I got to the bottom of it.

Using a laptop I tried to receive audio in turn from each mixer.
I found I could receive from one but not the other.

So then I swapped the Dante cards between mixers and I found the receive problem followed the Dante cards not the mixers.

So then I did a factory reset on the card, still nothing.

I pulled the card out, removed the brooklyn module and then re-seated it a couple of times then put it back in (sometimes you get invisible corrosion problems in high bandwidth connections like video cards).

Bingo, fired it all up and away it went.

A little concerning as this indicates the Brooklyn modules are susceptible to corrosion problems and this in theory could occur during a gig. My advise would be to always keep a spare card on hand just in case as you wouldn’t want to be doing that during a gig.

Alternatively maybe 6 monthly preventative maintenance of simply re-seating the module is probably not a bad idea.

Any comments or suggestions on this from A&H would be appreciated.