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I’m not sure if there’s any difference really, I suppose it depends what stage of the power supply the switch is at. If it’s directly after the IEC connector then turning it off would be the same as pulling the plug. I doubt there’s a difference as far as the digital components of the actual console (after the PSU) are concerned, all I can imagine happening is that they just stop seeing power. I’ve done both and haven’t had any problems.

Would you be able to get a copy of their show file? I’d be highly surprised if it was possible to create a show file that was capable of blacking out the control surface but it couldn’t hurt to have a look (probably [B)]).

I don’t know how the GLD works internally but it’s worth noting that only the control elements of the system stopped working. Presumably they were using an AudioRack on the dsnake network, did this continue to pass audio? Did the consoles local I/O continue to pass audio?