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HI ddff,

I have allready a stereo aux setup (output 5/6) merged to one stereo fader with a panning knob, but how can i pan the guitars? or keyboards? I’ve setup channels 1 to 16 inputs and FOH mixing tab, and 26 to 42 as monitors (same naming etc etc) these channels have a blue preamp knob so that i have separate gain from FOH and Monitors, but then the panning does not work.


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You just make stereo AUX. That will have it’s own pan.


Hi all,

Just figuring out howto do some EQ over monitors. It seems that i only can EQ things on the Aux bus, but not on channels. Lets say i have a stereo in ear mix, and the singer wants the guitar to be EQ’d how can i do that? FOH EQ is no problem but EQuing instruments over Aux channels. kind regards,

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