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Originally posted by mdsaudio

I’ve been an iLive owner since the early days but am also lucky enough to get to use many other systems aswell.

The iLive has got probably the best UI on a digital console, but one thing I have realised is how much better a multi layer console is to work on if it incorporates pop groups/fader spill(ala midas, digidesign).
It would be a big, big plus to be able to hit select on a vca master and have the members of that group “populate” the strips on the top layer.

A&H, is there the possibility of including this in a firmware update?

It would be especially useful for bigger shows. It seems the general consensus is, “once you’ve used a desk with pop groups, you don’t want to go back to a desk without them”

Does the rest of the iLive community see the value in this?
Would this be considered if enough of us are for the idea?

Hi Darren,

As you know, I have an iLive (which I love) and a Midas …. and you are absolutely correct, once you have used POP or Spill groups it’s hard to go back.

Your suggestion of using the Select Button (subject to a preference page setting) for the DCAs would be great.

The Midas does POP VACs, POP Groups and also has an area B assignment as well as a compressed (POP) flip for monitors. A POP/SPILL DCA would only give you one of the Midas functions but it would still be extremely useful especially on the iLive 80 and GLD.

@Martinijn – yes you can do that, and it’s a handy function, but compared to the Midas it’s almost useless.