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Ok i did the follow.

Custom strip in Editor with two tabs. one FOH the other AUX

both with 16 channels with same names etc etc.
Now i’m able to EQ the instruments separately from FOH to Monitors.
But still i have one issue left to fix. Now i cannot Pan the instruments so the the
sterei in ear has a nice mix. How i can do that? hope you guys can help.

thanx in advance

Maarten Louer

Hi all,

Just figuring out howto do some EQ over monitors. It seems that i only can EQ things on the Aux bus, but not on channels. Lets say i have a stereo in ear mix, and the singer wants the guitar to be EQ’d how can i do that? FOH EQ is no problem but EQuing instruments over Aux channels. kind regards,

Maarten Louer