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Hi Woutert,

thanx for this usefull info. That i didn’t know :)
So then i can seperate the FOH EQ from Monitor EQ. As it normally should be .

thanx, bedankt :)


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Hi Maarten,

Let’s say you have an iDR32 mix rack. Even though you only have 32 mic pre-amps, the iDR32 still has 64 channels of processing power. So you can assign mic pre-amp 1 to channels 1 and 33, pre-amp 2 to channels 2 and 34 and so on. Use channels 1 to 32 for front of house and channels 33 to 64 for monitors.


and don’t forget to set the aux source at least post PEQ of course :-)

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Hi all,

Just figuring out howto do some EQ over monitors. It seems that i only can EQ things on the Aux bus, but not on channels. Lets say i have a stereo in ear mix, and the singer wants the guitar to be EQ’d how can i do that? FOH EQ is no problem but EQuing instruments over Aux channels. kind regards,

Maarten Louer