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Darren, i would love to see that implemented in a firmware update.
We have been asking this before.
What is more important/critical for me is the fact that for now i can’t use ipad on my XDR16/dual rack. I use the ipad a lot for monitorsmix setup.
For the moment i can’t even consider the onemix because i cannot see all my channels.
I think that this should be priority number one for A&H.
better scene management and so is all nice but it is workable. ipad/expander/dual rack is not working.

If this is a hardware limitation i would like to know. Then i could sell my IDR16/XDR16 and buy a IDR32. but i hope it’s not.
So far A&H hasn’t responded to these questions.
It feels like a half/half system now. The ipad is great, the dualrack/expander is great but i would like to use it as it was designed.


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