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@shuahughes, What’s Dual Rack and how does it affect your MixPad/OneMix flexibility?

Dual Rack is when you use an ACE card in Port B to connect a second MixRack.
This offers some great flexibility, for example:
an iDR32 on stage, and an iDR16 at FOH for additional inputs.
or maybe you use an iDR32 on your main stage for the band, but then you have a brass and string section off to the side, or in a pit. Put the an iDR16 down there and save running an analogue snake.

Dual Rack also lets you operate 2 separate consols, which is great for FOH and Monitors.
Each consol can access all of the inputs from both MixRacks and you can mix them totally independently.
(one of the consols will control the pre amp gains, and the other will have digital trim control)

I work with a group of small churches who are looking to each get an iDR16 or iDR32, controlled by iPad. This provides a very user-friendly and cost effective system with great quality and control.
Every now and then, they wish to combine their gear to do a big concert.

We hire in a T112 and we are good to go.
It would be amazing to be able to be able to use iPads for monitors, however seeing as our inputs would be spread across 2 racks, the iPad won’t have access to the second rack.

Earlier this year we did a big praise concert in a local park.
We hired an iDR48 and T112.
Because we are all volunteers not professionals, we were able to split up the rolls really well.
I had my best guy on the T112, checking all the gain levels, mixing down to DCAs, and doing all the FX.
I had a second guy beside him on a laptop running the editor and mixing the foldback.
Then a third guy was out in the audience with an iPad mixing the FOH basically just on DCAs.
I also had my Laptop in the audience, along with an RTA on my iPhone doing some system tuning and EQ and keeping an eye on everything.

The iLive was so user friendly for my volunteers, and was very straight forward to have a whole team each controlling different aspects of the sound and mix.

If OneMix and MixPad can be improved to handle dual rack mode, it is a total no brainer for our churches.
Nothing else out there gives us the ability to install a small system in each church and then bring it all together. Especially not at such an amazing price point.
(remember, if we don’t need the console, even our tiny churches can afford it!!)

Also, each band can rehearse at their own church and create their own show file, and then just load it into the big system.
Using Dante we can even virtual sound check everyone.
It’s just the big finale group with everyone onstage that has to be sound checked once we get the whole system together.

Anyway, sorry for the big ramble, but you can see I really love the iLive system.
Just please, please, please give us dual rack on OneMix and MixPad….
and OneMix on iPhone, or at least an upgrade to the UI for tweak.

Thanks, Josh