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for sure each mic in card has is own Integrated Circuit.

I’d like to share an answer that I got once:
No burr brown op amps.
iLive modular uses a digitally controlled pre-amp from Texas Instruments.
T-Series (iDR16/32/48/64) uses one of the pre-amp topologies used in the GL2800/ZED-R16 but with a gain control element which can be set digitally.
They use NE5532 op-amps in both circuits.

I would have like to dig it more but… What I don’t understand is why they answer no Burr brown when TI and BB are merged.

Any way, there is no sonic lack for me in my IDR32 (already been with 32 input used, PA and monitoring out).
I wish they run at 96Khz. I once read a A&H paper about it (was with IDR8 but can’t find it back) and it could be done.But I digress.
Do you need the bigger system for its modularity and options? Is it more reliable? Will you be able to rent it enough? Will you clients be more impress? Questions I can’t answer for you.
Bigger questions is which PA will you be working on? Choosing the right brand here is more important than between modular and fixed ; )

T112 IDR32 Dante=>MBP PTHD9