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Hi Jorge,

The mute is channel based, so if you were using a single I/P, and using it as both a send to a OneMix aux, and had it ‘on’ to a FOH main, then yes its muted to both the both the main and the OneMix. By using an input split in this scenario instead, you can give the musician a separate channel which can be muted independently of your FOH mix. If the I/P belongs to another OneMix musician or is shared with the FOH mix, you can disable access to the mute in the setup of the bank.

As for the pan [:I]. I can’t think of a way of pretending this is a feature, so yes it’s a bug! The pan does control the send pan, but its also been accidentally cross linked to the main pan. If your using an I/P split, and therefore the I/P is off to the main it wouldn’t matter, but otherwise it would affect it, and is therefore wrong !

I’m looking into it now, and will hopefully get an update posted to apple ASAP.