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Originally posted by clarocque

Two things I wish it had or two things I can not seem to figure out. If it is me, someone please point me in the right direction…

1. An ability to clear all PAFLs

2. Option to assign one of the custom encoder buttons to the selected FX/AUX send. This would allow for a send on encoder option (dynamically).

#1:You can use a softkey for that.
Set a key (position #10 is very convenient, cause its just above your right hand) to “Sel/Mix/PAFL/Combo”, choose Main(L/R) and Sel/Mix/PAFL from below.

If you click it, main mix is activated, selected and PFLd, if you click it again, Sel and PAFL are deactivated, but mix is still active for L/R.

This means: with a quick doubleclick you`ll get back home to your main mix from wherever you are, even if your main mix is buried somewhere, and disable all PFLs, if they´re visible or not.
That makes a nice emergency exit….

#2: Yes, that would be nice…[:)]