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I’m having connection problems (at least once a minute) with the mixpad in a rack-only setup. I’ve tried different settings (with/without metering), different ipads (ipad 1 on IOS5 and the latest ipad 3 on IOS6), different wireless routers with different settings, and different firmware versions (recently upgraded). Nothing seems to help.

When I ping my ipad from a connected laptop (running editor software without problems), it appears that the ping times sometimes increases, packet loss occurs and then the mixpad loses connection. When the IDR system is not connected to the router, the ping times are consistenty low without packet loss.

I’d really like to be able to use the mixpad again. My theory is that there are two problems: 1. Too much traffic is transmitted over the network, which introduces some packet loss and 2. The mixpad cannot handle any packet loss.

Is anyone successfully using their mixpad? What setup are you using and what might be different from mine?