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Originally posted by frozenwaffles

just one question….
why are we giving users control of the limiter?
i havent played with it yet but this is what itunes says.
can you enable and disable certain features from admin side of things?

Yes, it appears you can disable the access to the processing from admin.

I was hoping this was going to be iPhone and iPad :(
For mixing your own monitor on stage an iPhone should be plenty, but the tweak app is horrible for this!!

Also, will Dual Rack mode be available for OneMix and MixPad at any stage?
I love how flexible the iLive system is, but no dual rack for iPad really limits the flexibility for me.
I assume if inputs on a slave MixRack are assigned to a DCA the MixPad will still correctly control the DCA?
But for mixing monitors we can’t see the individual channels…?