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Hi 8thnote,

LRSub works just like LR with a post-fade Aux feeding the subs (Aux fed subs). The difference is that the Sub (Aux) level is available on the channel strip without the need to first select an Aux mix.

Pushing up the channel fader routes the signal to LR in the usual way. Dialing up the Sub rotary feeds signal to the console Sub output. This does not affect the LR level.

It is not possible with this configuration to send signal only to the Sub. That is not the intention.

LRSub is a 3way mix with separate outputs feeding the L, R and Sub speaker processors. If the speaker system is correctly aligned then setting Sub to its nominal ‘0’ position (the mark on the dial) and setting the L, R and Sub master faders at the same point should be just the same as using a standard 2way stereo system. The typical application is to be able to dial back the feed to the sub from channels that don’t need the low end, for example vocals, flute etc. this can clean up the mix by reducing low frequency pickup from those mics.

Of course it is your choice to use LRSub or choose conventional LR or one of the other main mix types available within iLive if you prefer.

If you are having a problem hearing output from the Sub check that you are seeing signal meter activity on the Sub master meter, that the 3 output XLRs are correctly assigned from L, R and Sub, and that your speaker system is set for separate sub input.

Let me know if you want further help tracing this through.
All the best,