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So what i can do is make a group, put in the guitar and route this to the drummers aux?
then i can EQ the group where the instrument is on and this will not affect the FOH EQ or the EQ set on the Aux bus….. If this is the case then i hope i will get more mono groups in the future. Now its only 4 mono and 2 stereo. iLive Editor v1.9

thanx all i think i can move on with this.

Hi all,

Just figuring out howto do some EQ over monitors. It seems that i only can EQ things on the Aux bus, but not on channels. Lets say i have a stereo in ear mix, and the singer wants the guitar to be EQ’d how can i do that? FOH EQ is no problem but EQuing instruments over Aux channels. kind regards,

Maarten Louer

You can raise the number of groups (you might have to lower the number of other Busses) in the mixrack setup / mixer config page.
The group to monitor aux method can be very useful sometimes for compression, eq or just grouping.

Christian Tepfer
Hamburg, Germany