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Thanks for that guys.

Now I have a few issues.
1) In the Dante Controller I am getting heaps of Events. I am getting “Timed out 3 times awaiting a reply to message ‘Versions’ from PC, giving up.” Happens every ten secs.
2) In the Dante Controller Routing view on the Dante Receivers I am getting an exclamation mark next to the Dante Card(BKLYN2-0609dc). In the transmitter section there is no exclamation mark. I assume this is linked to issue 1?
3) On the Dante Virtual Soundcard I am getting in the left bottom corner “ASIO Application: Disconnected”.
4) In Reaper I am getting an error, “There was an error while opening your hardware: Error loading ASIO driver. Would you like to view your audio device configuration?” I assume this is linked to issue 3.

If anyone has had similar issues or know fixes that would be great.