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@Elphie, the Alesis HD24 has come up in the past. But the boss is keen on trying to make the Lightbridge work.

@fab, I’ll look into the m-waves card. I’m not sure why we have the MMO aside from recording. Along with the 3 ADAT outs to the LIghtbridge, we also have 2 cables coming out of the iDR expander on the MMO into an 8-channel iDR expander unit?? and on the surface, outputs, these channels are used for my monitor auxes (if I remember correctly)

(I’d insert a pic here, but the insert image button doesn’t go to an upload…and I don’t do code)

Peace! Always!

T80, iDR32, MacBook Pro, 8-slot expander, ACE (A), MiniMultiOut (B) and other stuff I have to figure out :))