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Originally posted by GuenterEisbach

But you can’t run Dante Controller on a PC which is connected to ACE-Network for iLive-Editor, as both networks are physical and logical separated domains.

There’s a little mistake here. A PC is never connected to ACE, always to the network port.

Yes, you can run iLive editor, Reaper, Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Controller on the same PC.

The only thing that you need to respect is that if you connected you PC to the iLive controller (R72,T80, T112 etc) network port, that this port is limited to only 10Mb/s (because it’s tunneled over the ACE connection) so in that case you can have iLive editor but not Dante Virtual Soundcard as that transmits and receives too much data UNLESS you configure your Dante Virtual Soundcard for 2 channels only as that is far less than 10Mb/s.

I usually connect my laptop to my router that in turn is connected to iLive network AND Dante.

IDR32, R72, Dante, Mixpad
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