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dbander –

I would consider the R72, only 8 fewer faders than the T80, fewer knobs, but I’ve not found that to be an issue.

A couple of points – first, I’ve found that when mixing on my T112, I actually perform most functions on the touchscreen, even though there are knobs and encoders available for those functions, and secondly, for the last year or so I’ve done almost all my mixing on an iPad using the mixPad app, and the R72 surface/idr32.

In any event, The R72 surface has been my go-to mixing surface for the last year, and I’ve found no problems with the fader count or compromise in the switches, encoders on the surface. I’m working primarily with live bands, 8 monitor mixes from foh, 24 channels with a 24 channel split for monitors.

Tim Tyler
Detonator Sound
Richmond, Va USA
T112/48 R72/32 laptop iPad Dir-815 Dante