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If I understand you correctly you want to be able to apply seperate eq to channels being sent to a MON aux while retaining the eq being used for FOH?

The normal procedure for this is to split every channel that needs to have seperate eq settings in the MON aux.

So you have one physical input routed to two seperate channels in the ilive. One channel dedicated to FOH mix not being sent to any MON auxes and one channel dedicated to mon not routed to FOH L/R. These two channels share only preamp gain and48v so set gain sensibly and use trim from then on to make alterations in signal gain before channel processing.

This also gives you the freedom to apply compression to FOH channel only and leave the MON channel uncompressed providing better dynamic response to the artist/musician and creating less potential feedback trouble on stage.

On an ilive you get 64 internal channels, so lets say you have 24 inouts to mix, then you can easily split every one of them and still have room for extra inputs.

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