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Hi Gents,

Running Dante with reaper for a while.

Reaper 64Bit is trouble with DVS and RME Madiface (Use 32Bit version!).

Dante is a 1Gb network system so always use 1Gb units in a Dante network.
Make sure you are using at least CAT5e cables!

In Dante controller Tick preffered master and Sync to internal and the Dante card (a Dante Hardware device (so not the laptop) needs to be clock master of the Dante network, The Dante network should sync to the GLD/Ilive).
In Reaper just used the standard settings (Also in DVS).
Set audio card to ASIO en set I/O channels.

If you have an 7200 rpm internal HDD you can easily record 48 channels to the internal HDD.
If you have an 5400rpm HDD 25 channels is the limit.

If you have “static” ticks something in your network is not ok.
Try to do 1-1 connection without switches.
Some Network cards cause failures wich result in Ticks&Clicks.

If you are using to set up a dual desk system:
Set the GLD/Ilive that controls the gains (so has the I/O racks connected) to Prefered master& Sync to internal.

The 2nd console should have no ticks checked.
On the GLD external Sync menu Set sync to ” Sync to port B” (instead of “internal”)

Route you audio on the network (if you want to do virtual soundcheck set DVS sends to Multicast!)

In some rare cases routing or Ip Adressing gives some errors.
Just reset the Dante cards to factory and reroute the channels.

All should work fine now!