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More Info:

1) Eliminated the “aggregate” recording device on the Mac and just recorded with Reaper the Dante Virtual Soundcard. This solved the clocking issue.
2) Eliminated trying to record to a USB flash drive – used hard drives instead. This solved a “reaper hanging/crashing” issue.
3) Recording was (as far as I see now) rock solid EXCEPT for one ominous “click” about 1 hour and 47 minutes into the recording. I have not investigated the “source track yet” to try to determine the cause. BUT it was about the same time the GLD80 surface “froze” for about 3 seconds (no loss of audio) and shortly thereafter most channels clip lights blinked (again, nothing that could be heard audio wise during the live event).
4) We still get Qos warnings on the dSnake every 3-8 minutes? Does anyone else have this issue????

The live event went great. The one click/peak issue we need to try to find the cause. The Qos errors on the dSnake troubles us. We are using the A&H snake! We feel that we shouldn’t have ANY errors under normal circumstances.