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Indeed, today I rented an R72 + iDR32(V1.83) from local dealer Paradigma Group and I did update to V1.9 without any problems.
Now we have two shows in same day, and both runs with v1.9 (T112+idr48 and R72+iDR32)


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Ciprian – We’re very pleased to hear that your issue has been resolved quickly by your distributor.

We would just like to clarify that the corruption that has prevented a very small number of users updating their firmware was due to a code deployment error during manufacture – there is no risk of customers corrupting their main-board whilst performing a firmware update.

Users who do encounter this issue are able to continue running v1.83 until the unit is serviced by their distributor.

If anyone experiences any problems updating their firmware please contact your local distributor or Allen & Heath Technical Support who will be pleased to assist you with your issue.

Allen & Heath Technical Support

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