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You can connect a surface to a MixRack using network-to-network cat5.
You will get metering and control but as Lieven says, no audio (local i/o or PAFL). If your MixRack is close to your surface you could plug your phones into that instead (or run a long cable?).
You don’t say what your second (record) iDR is doing? has it got a surface? or if it has ACE in port-B. The system is designed to split signals between MixRacks port-B to port-B 64 channels bi-directional. Port-A is designed for the surface i/o connection and includes PAFL and TB. however 30 channels are still available to send to another ACE device. The second MixRack could receive 30 channels from your iDR16 port-A ACE BUT only via an ACE card fitted to its port-B (you cannot take external sync from port-A).

can i connect from T surface network to Pro series network, to make 2nd control instead of using laptop?