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So tell me please. How do I wipe out any unwanted channels? Not just from the surface, but altogether. From the monitor mixes, inputs, etc.


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T80, iDR32, MacBook Pro, 8-slot expander, ACE (A), MiniMultiOut (B) and other stuff I have to figure out :))

Hi Ann, perhaps I don’t understand your question, but, how could there be any unwanted channels?? think of it as a 64 inputs 32 output 8 fx bus console. you can’t remove anything from it! you just use what you need on a show to show basis…if you mean return channels to their original names etc..just click on any channel in editor near the coloured part of the strip where the name is, the renaming window will appear, then select “reset name” there are several other ways to do this….. if you have inputs going to monitor mixes you need to remove, in the editor (or surface) click on the mix button for that aux and then either click the on/off button on top of those inputs you don’t want (editor) or just leave their faders down to infinity….As I said in a previous post if there are channels you don’t want to see, just build yourself a new show and rearrange the console or (easier) use a custom ip window or redo the surface to represent what you want or need….the ILive is probably the most flexible digital console out there but you must think of it as unrestricted by its physical representation…..any strip can go anywhere….if you don’T need it just don’t use it…

hope that helps