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Great Discussion and more Dante/GLD Issues:

Setup is MacBook Pro, Dante Controller and Virtual Soundcard, Reaper 64 and 32 bit versions (makes no difference to the problem). Cisco switch with Qos services (problem below makes no difference whether I use the switch or not).

I want to multitrack record and also monitor the recording now and then by using the monitor capability of each track in Reaper.

I set up an aggregate audio device that has the Dante Virtual Soundcard and the Mac line out.

All of this works SORTA:

I also found through experimentation that the preferred master and external clock settings as mentioned before eliminates the random clicking issue.

However, when I listen to the sound of a track, at times it slowly starts distorting over time and eventually goes completely silent. Then it comes back. Now this sounds like another clock issue.

My plan is to not aggregate the Dante and line out and route the monitor output back into the GLD on an unused track. Of course while recording I will be interrupting the live audio guy a bit. But it will help determine where the problem is. If that works, I may try a different audio device for monitoring. I have an MBox2 available.

One other interesting note: when you unplug the headphones from the line out jack on the Mac, all sound is list for several seconds. The Mac must be re-configuring itself as it senses the change. I got around that with the use of a short 1/8″ extension cable.

Any other ideas?