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OK. This is cool. I can see my scene now.

Looking in the I/P window, I see that all of my channels are chronologically lined up – not at all how it looks on my surface.

And I see all the channels that are NOT currently on the surface. These channels are no longer used – instruments and/or vox inputs. And a DCA drum group that is no longer necessary.

How do I completely delete or zero out unused channels and all associated patches?

Is there a way to click and drag channels into different positions (to group the vocals that are currently not together)? Or insert a new channel into the I/P layout somehow? I want to add a new vox and acoustic guitar. Do they have to be added at the end of the inputs?

I think I understand that the channel NUMBER does not mean it has to be laid out this way on the surface. Do I use the surface tab to do that? And is that clickable/drag-able?

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Yep the surface tab….you drag and drop the modules (inputs, groups aux etc..) either where they appear on your surface or where you would like them (first press the STRIP button on lower left of the editor). I usually don’t bother to have them identical as the strip layout in editor has all the I/Os whereas my surface only shows what I really need for a show (R72) Also note that under “View” number of open windows there is a selection choice 1-2 or 4 this might help you see only what you need,ch 1-16, 17-32 etc.. you could also build a totally “custom” looking console using the custom tab (by selecting..Custom next to the surface tab.)that is different from the surface and the ip or dca or mix window .

I would suggest you build your first show with a first scene that includes all the patch as you want it by doing a “store all” under the Scenes tab, then/call rename that scene “preset” boot scene or whatever, that will save your parameters, EQs, layout, mic pres levels, strip arrangements etc. I usually make a new one per show and save this to the show file.