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I suspect I’ll be posting much to this thread.

Q: How do I get my shows, saved to a USB (in v1.9 – my editor and firmware are both updated) into editor, on my MBPro laptop?

I’ve tried File: USB Drive Location, then search for my thumb drive under the Volumes folder (as I’m looking directly at the thumb drive) and dig down to the AllenHeath folder. Do I stop there, or open 1 level further to the Shows folder?

At any rate, when I choose either one or the other, in the Tools, Show Manager, none of my shows appear. It’s just a list of templates.

Ya, it’s so elementary. But I can’t figure it out.

Peace! Always!

T80, iDR32, MacBook Pro, 8-slot expander, ACE (A), MiniMultiOut (B) and other stuff I have to figure out :))

Hi, under the file/usb drive location is under “Volumes” and just select the volume no need to go deeper….then select “choose” exit that and go to your show folder in editor, you will see your shows in the usb (right ) side of the dialog box, from there you can import them in editor or surface etc..