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Tweak isn’t really suited to my 2 main use cases for iPad:
– setting monitor mixes from stage during soundcheck
– providing multitouch fader control when I’m doing FOH+MON without the T80

For both of these, MixPad is absolutely brilliant when it’s working smoothly which is why I get so annoyed when it doesn’t work.

For the second use case I can replace MixPad with MIDI faders, but I love being able to wander around to the back of the stage during performance to check & adjust monitor levels.

I engineer a couple of regular jam sessions with a lot of performers changing around during the evening so all mixes need a lot of on-the-fly adjustment

Hopefully this issue might be addressed by OneMix, but to me it feels like the communication protocol needs to be made more resilient to dropped packets – display a dropped connection warning on MixPad, then automatically catch up as soon as it can after connection is restored